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Pakistan Citizen's Portal

Overseas Pakistanis can raise their issues on the PCP by using the following options.

By using Mobile App
(People having smart phone)

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By using Web-Access
(People having no smart phone)
By Participation in Khuli Kachehris Overseas Pakistanis can participate in e-Kachehris which are being scheduled as per SOPs on Facebook, Radio or TV by the 24 Federal Organizations.
Manual Complaint Lodging Facility Overseas Pakistanis who are either illiterate or physically challenged, or aged or women/windows can lodge their written complaints as per SOPs through PCP-Dashboard. In this regard, all dashboards of MOFA and its foreign mission are authorized to do so.
Help-line for Guidance 0092-(0)51-9000111

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority - Operational SOPs for International Inbound Passenger Flights

To read Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority - Operational SOPs for International Inbound Passenger Flights, Please click download button.
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Mass Awareness of overseas Pakistanis Regarding use of Pakistan Citizen's Portal


Dual nationality agreement s with following (20) twenty countries

The Government has now dual nationality agreement s with following (20) twenty countries:-

Sr. Name of Country Sr. Name of Country
1 United Kingdom (UK) 11 Sweden
2 United State of America (USA) 12 Switzerland
3 Canada 13 Jordan
4 Australia 14 Egypt
5 Belgium 15 Netherlands
6 France 16 Syria
7 Iceland 17 Bahrain
8 Italy 18 Finland
9 Ireland 19 Denmark
10 New Zealand 20 Germany

Public Notice - Consulate of Pakistan - Bradford.

The Consulate of Pakistan, Bradford is resuming its consular activities from 22nd June, 2020. All the applicants are requested to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Only applicant(s) with valid appointment is/are allowed.
  2. All applicants must ensure to wear a face mask.
  3. All those applicants who are under 16 may be accompanied by only of their parents/relative.
  4. Physically challenged/disabled person can be accompanied by an assistant.
  5. All the applicants must follow the timings and prescribed social distancing rule i.e. two meters apart.
  6. All the applicants are instructed to follow their timing strictly, otherwise they will not be served.
  7. Any person who has any symptoms of temperature, flu and cough must not visit the Consulate.
  8. Collection of Passport and Nadra card at 4:00PM


Guideline/Information for inbound Passengers
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Travel advisory – novel corona virus disease (covd-19) Islamabad.

  1. THE WHO has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Most of the countries have now reported cases of COVID-19. The Government is making all out efforts to deal with the rapidly evolving situation which is challenge, not only for Pakistan but the whole world. Proactive, comprehensive and coordinated steps continue to the taken to curtail the spread of COVID-19, with a view to ensuring safety and security of our nationals and people travelling to and from Pakistan.
  2. As the situation evolves, the Government countries to review measurement/arrangements in place, including WHO recommendations to keep its population safe.
  3. Against this backdrop and carefully examining all options, the Government of Pakistan has decided to suspend operation of all international passenger, chartered and private flights to Pakistan. This is temporary suspension imposed due to exceptional circumstances. Upon resumption of international passengers, chartered and private flights to Pakistan, RT-PCR test certification from points of origin will not be mandatory.
  4. Diplomats and special/ cargo aircrafts are exempted from the condition above. However, they will be subjected to appropriate health screenings on arrival. They can also be isolated / quarantined as per advise of health professionals.
  5. The Government of Pakistan is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of its people. COVID-19 is a global challenge entailing a global response. Individual responsibility is critical for collective security. Your safety lie in keeping other safe.

Notice For General Public Seeking Consular Services.

Due to public health and safety concerns, consular service at Pakistan Consulate Bradford have been restricted w.e.f 20-March-2020 until further notification.

As per the updated guideline, all Pakistani community members seeking consular services are advised to AVOID PERSONAL VISIT to the consulate as far as possible, avail our ONLINE SERVICES.

The Consulate will continue to provide consular services in extreme emergency case.

For visa services, please contact the Gerry’s visa service at 88 Legrams Ln, Bradford BD7 2EA or apply online at

For NADRA card please visit the online website

For Passport please visit

Updated instructions may accessed at

For any extreme emergency situation, please contact our helpline at 07466624590